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Archie O - Miniature Groodle (Golden Retriever X Poodle)

Archie O 1.jpgArchie O 2.jpg

Axle - English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Axle 1.jpgAxle 2.jpg

Ayuki - Japanese Spitz

Yuki 1.jpgYuki 2.jpg

Bailey C - Schnoodle (Schnauzer X Poodle)

Bailey C 1.jpgBailey C 2.jpg

Bandit - Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog X Poodle)

Bandit 1.jpgBandit 2.jpg

Baxter - English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Baxter 1.jpgBaxter 2.jpg

Baxter M - Beagle

Baxter M 1.jpgBaxter M 2.jpg

Boss - English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Boss 1.jpgBoss 2.PNG

Brian - English Bull Terrier

Brian 1.pngBrian 2.jpg

Buzz - Boston Terrier

Buzz 1.jpgBuzz 2.jpg

Carlos M - Australian Bulldog

Carlos M 1.jpgCarlos M 2.jpg

Charlie B - Golden Labrador

Charlie B 1.jpgCharlie B 2.jpg

Chip - Sheltie

Chip 1.jpgChip 2.jpg

Chopper - British Bulldog

Chopper 1.jpgChopper 2.jpg

Eddie P - Cocker Spaniel

Eddie P 1.jpgEddie P 2.jpg

Frankie K - Cavoodle (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel X Poodle)

Frankie K 1.jpgFrankie K 2.jpg

Gnocchi - English Cocker Spaniel

Gnocchi 1.jpgGnocchi 2.jpg

Harley S - Tibetan Terrier

Harley S 1.jpgHarley S 2.png

Hollywood - Cavoodle (Cavalier King Charles X Poodle)

Hollywood 1.jpgHollywood 2.jpg

Hunter M - English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Hunter M 1.jpgHunter M 2.jpg

Jaxon - English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Jaxon 1.jpgJaxon 2.jpg

Jimmy - Whippet

Jimmy 1.jpgJimmy 2.JPG

Marley V - Japanese Spitz

Marley V 1.jpgMarley V 2.jpg

Marlo - Cavoodle (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel X Poodle)

Marlo 1.jpgMarlo 2.jpg

Mojo - English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Mojo 1.JPGMojo 2.jpg

Olivia - Keeshond

Olivia 1 .pngOlivia 2.jpg

Patrick - English Cocker Spaniel

Patrick 1.jpgPatrick 2.jpg

Paxton - Red Heeler

Paxton 1.jpgPaxton 2.jpg

Sienna S - Keeshond

Sienna S 2.jpgSienna S 2.jpg

Sochi - English Cocker Spaniel

Sochi 1.jpgSochi 2.jpg

Tank - Cavoodle (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel X Poodle)

Tank 1.jpgTank 2.jpg

Teddy A - Chow Chow

Teddy A 1.jpgTeddy A 2.jpg

Tilly - Spoodle (Cocker Spaniel X Poodle)

Tilly 1.jpgTilly 2.jpg

Watson - Koolie

Watson 1.jpgWatson 2.jpg

Zander - Standard Schnauzer

Zander 1.jpgZander 2.jpg

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