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Fiona is our Managing Director/Owner. In 2006 she decided to leave her role as a Conference & Marketing Manager to pursue her dream of working with animals. She is very passionate about animal welfare and has over ten years experience as an Animal Wrangler on film sets. Her spoilt furry and feathered kids are Millie and Jessie. (Jessie is the boss!)

c1.jpgMillie 3.jpgJessie 1.jpg

Noelia is our Talent Co-ordinator and Animal Wrangler (below.) She has always been around animals, especially involved in dog training. Noelia is a great team member and liaises with our animal owners on a daily basis and is always ready to help out with any questions they have. She is passionate and diligent in her work and has an enormous love for dogs, being the proud owner of Leo & Coco.

Noelia.jpgCoco & Leo.jpgCoco & Leo_01.jpg

Merran is one of our Animal Wranglers in Melbourne and Brisbane (below.) She has had many years of experience in dog training and working with animals on film sets. She is extremely professional and knowledgable in the industry and owns the gorgeous Kaiser, who is a movie star in his own right!

Merran1.jpgKaiser 2.jpgKaiser 3 (2).jpg


Christine is another of our Animal Wranglers in Sydney (below.) She has always been surrounded by animals with a particular passion for dogs and horses. She lives with her menagerie of horses, chickens, dogs, a cat, a rabbit and a fish - all in a very harmonious household!

Christine 1.jpgC2.jpgC3.jpgC5.jpg

Anna is another of our Animal Wranglers in Sydney (below.) She has experience with all creatures great and small, having worked as a veterinary nurse for a number of years. She now runs her own pet minding and dog walking business, which includes working with farm animals and horses. Anna has three chooks (Tesla, Honda and Cookie), Beau the bunny and two cats (Baxter and Benson.)

Anna wrangler 1.jpgAnnas Beau syd wrangler.jpgAnnas Baxter syd wrangler.jpgAnnas Benson syd wrangler.jpg


Rachel is our Animal Wrangler in Brisbane (below.) She has 7 years experiece in dog training her Silky Terier X Australian Terrier, Harry. She has also worked with guide dogs and puppies in training for 5 years. She has her own pet photography business in North Brisbane, called The Canine Studio.

Rachel Wrangler 1.jpgRachel Wrangler 2.jpgRachel Wrangler 3.jpg

Terri is another of our Animal Wranglers in Brisbane (below.) She is an animal trainer with many years experience with dogs, cats and horses. Terri is incredibly passionate about what she does, and works with dogs and puppies, and their owners, on a daily basis for Jordan Dog Training. Her current fur family members are Dotti the Border Collie, Myst the Shar Pei x, Kaddi and Snoop the Ragdoll cats and 5 horses - Moey, Teddi, Roybee, Magnet and Alli.

Terri 6.jpgTerri 3.jpgTerri 5.jpg


Mel is our Animal Wrangler in Adelaide (below.) She is a qualified Dog Behavioural Trainer having studied a Bachelor of Animal Science at Adelaide University and a certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training at the National Dog Trainers Federation. She works at Advance Behavioural Training and has trained dogs for a multitude of tasks including live performances and other advanced skills. Mel owns Koda the Kelpie and Kenai the Husky.

Mel wrangler 1.jpgMels Koda Kelpie.jpgMels Kenai Husky.jpg


Monique is our Animal Wrangler in Perth (below.) She has trained farm and domestic dogs for 6 years and is extremely passionate about catering her training methods to the nature of the dog, rather than the dog to a set training method. Originally from New Zealand, Monique has been in Perth for 4 years now. Her business is called Eyes Up Pup Dog Training and she owns Woody and Macy (Toy Spoodles) and Bella the cat.

Mon.jpgMons brown puppy.jpgMons black dog.jpgMoniques cat.jpg

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