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If you're considering registering your dog for paid work, they must have very good general training like sit, stay, come and drop, as well as being comfortable in new environments and around strangers. We don't expect too much from young puppies, but older puppies should be able to come, sit and stay on command. Cats, and all other animals, will be required to have a calm nature and be used to strangers and need to have been exposed to new and unfamiliar environments.

To prepare your pet for work, it’s a good idea to do some photo shoots with noise and people around. For dogs, practicing training when you’re at the dog park, with lots going on and trying to keep their focus on you is a start. The aim is to get your pet comfortable with being photographed, while there are distractions, as this is what it will be like on a real film or photography set.


Then you just need to email your form to us, with 6 clear, colour photos of your pet. (Face and body shots with no other pets or people, and no doggy clothes on!) We will then choose the best 2 photos to put onto our website for the advertising agencies and production companies to view when they're deciding on the animal talent to be used for their job.

You can see all the jobs that we have supplied animals for at this link:

Please let us know (below) if you have any questions. We look forward to making your pet the next STAR!

The Animal Extras team

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Two of our Sydney animal wranglers - Christine and Anna


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